After covered the picnic & camping our next recreation, we are planning to go for hiking. You know, hiking has enormous health benefits and this is the best recreational event ever.

Let me tell you about hiking in a very short word.

Hiking is a wide form walking several hours. Formerly a frequent mode of travel, it now mainly represents a recreational activity. Hiking is connected to nature experience, moderate sport and a crucial economic factor of summer tourism. Lots of advantage here you know. That’s why our next plan is hiking.

We learn about several types of hiking. I want to share with you all of hiking details.

Long-Distance Hiking
When long-distance hiking is called a walking tour that leads over longer distances, and when you want to stay several days on the road. From remote hiking specifically occurs when it is not intended to return to the starting point during the tour.

Sport Hiking
This hiking type offers generally walking routes 5, 10 and 20 km or more.

Winter Hiking
For winter hiking is specially prepared routes are in addition to the paths in the valleys created at the height of the ski.

Hiking Without Luggage

Many tourism organizations offer multi-day trips where the baggage of hikers against a specific charge of the hotel and transported to the hotel. Frequently this is a circular route within a particular area.

Spiritual and Meditative Walking

The aim of such walks is often special places, for example, pilgrimage places, and lonely or remote landscapes. Several days or several weeks journeying for the search for meaning of life.

Night Hiking

Night walking which is carried out mainly in the dark. Walking with holding a lantern is best adventurous part of hiking.

Speed Hiking

A sharper kind of hiking is the speed hiking.

Now you may understand why we are planning for hiking.