There have lots of advantages of travel and recreation. Travel is one kind of recreational activity also.
We define recreation as action and effect of creating fun for relief work. In addition, we find that recreate means fun, cheer, and delight and called it also entertainment.

By that definition, recreation necessarily must include fun, in order to distract herself from the casual demands from family or society, especially from job or business.

So the point is why we love to travel and recreation in our busy schedule? Let me explain.

Travel and recreation are also associated with the intellectual and educational factor. Analysis has explained that kids learn more in a relaxed atmosphere, without pressure. That is why relaxation is necessary for the intellectual development of people. At the same time, the recreation provides in itself a form of learning through experiences and can communicate with another person.

It is also said that recreational activities are interests of human beings. Some areas of recreation are travel, art, culture, music, dancing, reading, community service, sports, games and outdoor life, among others.

Importance of Recreation and Travel

  • Maintains Balance between daily routine and pleasurable activities.
  • Share happiness with peoples.
  • Physical and mental development.
  • It’s discipline.
  • It’s identity and expression.
  • Prevents crime.
  • It’s cooperation, loyalty and companionship.
  • Education for the proper use of leisure time.

Principles of Recreation

-Provide All children the opportunity to promote their self-development activities (climbing, jumping, running, dancing, singing, dramatize, do crafts, build model)

  • A child needs to find out what activities give them personal satisfaction and it’s helped to acquire skills such activities.
  • A game is essential for the happy childhood and healthy growth for a kid.
  • A form of recreational satisfaction is to cooperate as a citizen in the construction of a better way of life to share with the whole community.
  • Any person should know a few songs for you can sing when you desire.
  • It’s necessary collective action to give children an opportunity to men and women to live that aspect of life.

Recreation Educational Value

When we travel to another place, we can gather knowledge from that area and puts its resources for the student, for the correlation of the intellectual areas.

  • Allows The integral development of the person and the person to the community.
  • Allows transmission of cultural heritage.
  • I can achieve through hobbies and strengthening intellectual, aesthetic, ethical and moral values. You must hold the constructive use of leisure time.

  • Adapt the child socially.
  • Learn discipline.
  • Opportunity to practice control strange situations.

Recreation is a basic human right, such as education, work, and health. No one should be deprived of this right for reasons of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, creed, health status, disability or economic status. Leisure development is facilitated through the provision of basic living conditions such as security, shelter, income, education, sustainable resources, equity and social justice.

Recreation takes into account the whole concept of integrity of man as a biological and psychological entity.