Camping, hiking and picnic, these three magical words are favorite for adventurous people like me. You want to experience a bit of variety from the classic family vacation at the hotel for the next vacation and are looking for an exciting and cheaper alternative? Then pack a bag and baggage and spend an exciting camping holiday!

From a camping holiday, there is great promise nature and adventure. I find camping is the totally cool thing!

I am a casual camping guy who sets great store by as much outdoor adventure. And I am also a quiet bit luxury for my family. I would like to go fully equipped tents or caravans. Campsites are found nearly everywhere in the world. I want to go for camping in a wooded area or on the beach camp. See more about camping here:

Important: The “wild” camping is not allowed in some countries. But camping in the holiday with young children is must be a better choice. In southern countries, many campsites are located in a fantastic location. In addition, most campsites are now set entirely on families and offer them not only family bathrooms it also provides children’s sanitary facilities.

That’s I’ve to plan for camping first for my holiday.

No need to tell it anymore that, how much adventurous hiking is. After camping, I prefer hiking without any second thought. Most people prefer not to hike alone, and you should try to find someone to accompany you.

Often I want to go hiking. I tried to convince all of my friends to go with me, but nothing to do, sometimes no one wants to accompany you because of their busy schedule.

So how to make it possible? Here you go.

Regularly walking protects our body and strengthens our mind at any age. Many of we can practice the hiking. Even some people sick, especially the heart, can reap the benefits for their health.

The easiest and simplest way is, as you have a computer and Internet access is to go on hiking forums. There are sections specifically provided for a hiking companion. There are a lot of forums, many of which are inactive and some busy. But make sure the forum is active before you sign up and spend time writing a message.
Alternatively, you can also visit the respective regional websites where you want your ride and leave a message.

Forums advantages are you can find someone very quickly and easily, and you do not need to hire you as if you register in a club.

The disadvantage is that you do not know at all the person before leaving. It is worth going to meet with them before the hike if possible, at least for the preparation.

Here is the another reason for choosing hiking.

Follow a low-fat diet is not enough if we want to lose several kilos. Always do physical activities from time to time, at least once every week. And hiking allowing you to get in touch with nature.

With the approach of spring and summer, we arrive in an excellent moment to prepare picnics. Directly contact with nature, enjoy the sun, the calm is what we all seek, far from everyday life. This relaxing and sharing is becoming more fashionable. And that’s why I like it most after camping and hiking.
This is a real moment of happiness to be able to break the casual routine for exile and eat close to nature.

For the picnic, I always prefer some location which is At the seaside, in a flowery park, near a river, mountain, and the forest.

No matter where you live, the little corner of your country certainly is full of green spaces and places to discover! Do not delay and escape the from the busy schedule. Close your electronic gadgets and practice the art of picnicking!

I love picnic because the advantage of the picnic is that it can be practiced in many places: at the seaside, in the mountains, in forests, in the countryside or in the garden, the green areas of the residence or a park. Be careful to ensure that you have the right to stay there, and you eat in the selected place! If the soil is a little wet or messy, you have to put some trash bags under your picnic blanket.

I am a guy who cares about himself and her family. I love the recreational event, and that’s why I select my own holiday’s activity.